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12 X 12 - Oil Primed Linen -

12 X 12 - Oil Primed Linen -

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12" x 12" x 3/8"  Oil Primed Linen Art Panels

by Art Boards™

Oil Primed Linen,
Archivally Mounted Artist Panels

Claessens' #13 DP Oil Primed Belgian Linen is mounted to the panel using an archival conservator's adhesive. The linen is double oil primed with zinc-white and linseed oil, and then coated with titanium white. The linen is mounted to the panel using Beva which is an archival reversible conservation adhesive. The Beva forms a waterproof acrylic barrier between the painting and the panel. The mounting is reversible, paintings can be removed at any future time if ever needed.

Art Boards™ Claessens linen mounted painting panels are perfectly flat, straight and square, with finely sanded sides. Art Boards™ Linen Panels have a clean precise presence, unlike the fragile look and feel of linen stapled around canvas stretchers with its rounded edges and folded corners. Art Boards™ linen painting panels will remain stable, with no fluctuation, movement, or canvas bounce. They are perfect for fine brushwork.

Art Boards™ rigid linen panels protect paintings from damage, preventing the painting from being dented, punctured, or torn. The linen mounted art board keeps paint films from flexing and cracking by eliminating movement. 

Art Boards™ Linen Panels are formaldehyde free. There is no formaldehyde added to any of its materials, which means no outgassing onto the art, or the interior environment.

Paintings hang without framing secure and flush on the wall. The back side of the panels have recessed hanging slots which allow paintings to be hung flush to the wall in either direction, with or without framing.

Made in the USA
In Brooklyn N. Y.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Measures exactly 12" x 12" x 3/8" thick.

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